11204 is located in Brooklyn and includes Mapleton, Borough Park, & Bensonhurst.

This neighborhood is mostly residential.
This neighborhood has:
an above average number of places to buy food
a very high number of childcare facilities

Public schools in this neighborhood are rated higher than average on three out of five dimensions of school quality.
This neighborhood had among the fewest crimes per person.

EHV Payment Amount

EHVs can cover different amounts of rent depending on the zip code where a home is located and the size of the home, and they can provide extra help in some neighborhoods where housing is more expensive. You may hear the term “payment standard,” which means the maximum amount of rent an EHV can cover.

If you are searching in zip code 11204, EHVs may help pay the following amounts for SROs, Studios, and 1-4 bedroom apartments:

SRO: $1751
Studio: $2335
1-BR: $2387
2-BR: $2696
3-BR: $3385
4-BR: $3647

For more information about payment amounts across the city, please visit: https://nyc.gov/hpd-payment-standards.


11204 is served by the following transit options:

Subways: F, N
Bus lines: B4, B6, B8, B9, B11
Express bus lines: N/A
Citibike: No

Or map your commute to school, work, or to see family/friends.

Food Access

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11204 has an above average number of places to buy food.

Food shops: 143
Year-round farmers markets: 0
Seasonal farmers markets: 0
Soup kitchens: 0
Food pantries: 1


Neighborhood safety is difficult to measure and summarize, but when looking at the number of certain felony crimes that occurred in this area between 2014 and 2018, 11204 had among the fewest crimes per person compared to other neighborhoods.

For more information on which crimes were analyzed and how they were adjusted for the number of people who live in each zip code, see the technical notes.

Healthcare Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11204 has a below average number of healthcare facilities.

Hospitals and clinics: 3
Mental health: 0
Chemical dependency: 1
Health promotion and disease prevention: 0
Residential healthcare: 0
Other healthcare: 2

Social Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11204 has an average number of social services.

Senior services: 1
Immigrant services: 1
Services for people with disabilities: 1
Community centers and community school programs: 0
Non-resident housing and homeless services: 0
Legal and intervention services: 0
Financial and social services: 0
Workforce development: 0

Childcare Facilities

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11204 has a very high number of childcare facilities.

After school programs: 17
Day care facilities: 25
DOE universal pre-K facilities: 25
Preschools for students with disabilities: 2

Public Schools

Each school year the New York City Department of Education (DOE) surveys students, parents, and teachers. This information is used to measure five dimensions of school quality for each school. The New York City public schools located in 11204 were rated:

Rigorous instruction: Average
Collaborative teachers: Above average
Supportive environment: Average
Effective school leadership: Above average
Trust: Above average

Student achievement is rated Average.

For more detailed information on a specific school, please visit: https://tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot/2019/
To look up zoned schools at a given address, please visit: https://schoolsearch.schools.nyc/


Of the people who live in 11204:

28% are children
14% are seniors

Of the people in 11204:

33% identify as Asian
1% identify as Black
11% identify as Hispanic/Latinx
53% identify as White

Types of Housing & Buildings

Buildings in 11204 are mostly residential. The most common type of properties in 11204 are one and two family buildings.

Street Life

Explore 11204 through Google Street View:

Open Space and Parks

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11204 has a below average amount of open space and parks.

Parks, playgrounds & natural areas: 3
Gardens: 0
Playfields: 0
Triangles & plazas: 2

Note: Some zip codes are close to but do not include very large parks like Central Park, Prospect Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and others. In these cases, residents still have nearby access to high-quality open space, but this access is not reflected in the numbers above. You may want to explore on a map to see if any large parks are nearby.

Religious Facilities

11204 includes the following religious facilities:

Cong Bais Mayer Vyesshaya
5110 19th Ave, Brooklyn

Khal Chasedei Lel0v
1693 49th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Mosdos Sadagora
5018 Old New Utrecht Rd, Brooklyn

Tiferes Yochonon Of Karlin Stolin
1818 54th St, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Believers Christian Fellowship
2159 58th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Notzer Chesed Inc
1647 42nd St, Brooklyn

Bnei Torah
5014 16th Ave Ste 152, Brooklyn

Yeshivos Karlin Stolin Beth Aron Veisrael Rabbinical Institute Inc
1818 54th St, Brooklyn

Mifal Chesed Inc
1933 50th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Yagdil Torah
5110 18th Ave, Brooklyn

House Of Israel
1655 55th St, Brooklyn

The Rabbi Solomon Kluger School Inc
1876 50th St, Brooklyn

Khal Ungvar Dba Mishne Halachoth Gedoloth
5306 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Bais Yaakov
5014 16th Avenue Suite 131, Brooklyn

Congregation Bais Aron
5017 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Baruch Yisroel
1717 58th St # 1721, Brooklyn

Joseph & Faye Tanenbaum Center Of Applied Torah Learning
1876 50th St, Brooklyn

Shaarei Zion C O Shuleman Weider
1621 56th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas
1601 42nd St, Brooklyn

Histadruth Admorim Inc
1645 45th St, Brooklyn

Rabbinical Seminary Of Chasan Sofer C O Benjamin Isaacs Esq
1876 50th St, Bklyn

Congregation Chaim Vechesed C O Chaim Baum
1619 51st St, Brooklyn

Congregation Em Lebina
1714 52nd St, Bklyn

Chesed L Yisroel
5021 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Tomchei Aniyim-Rav Chesed Inc
C/O B Jungreis 1613 44th Street, Brooklyn

Pesha Elias Bikur Cholim Dbobov Inc
5014 16 Ave 296, Brooklyn

Beis Chasidei Goritz Inc
5422 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation & Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas Inc
1601 42nd St, Brooklyn

Bais Vielepole Inc
1692 47th St, Bklyn

Congregation Beth Halevy & Mashas Ladies Auxiliary
1777 49th St, Brooklyn

Vaad L-Chizuk Kiyum Hamitzvoth
4911 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Bais Samuel Inc
1865 51st Street, Brooklyn

Bais Yaakov D Chassidei Gur
1975 51st St, Brooklyn

Hadar Zion Inc
1703 47th St, Brooklyn

Kollel Umesivta Maharam Skik Inc
1865 51st Street, Brooklyn

Lishmoa Lilmod U Lelamed Inc
1680 44th St, Brooklyn

Mosdos Sanz-Grybov
1643-45 Street, Brooklyn

Greater Beth Hatzlacha Inc
1046 Dahill Rd, Brooklyn

Herman And Margaret Salamonowitz Torah Center Inc
1876 50th St, Brooklyn

Gemilas Chasudim Tiferes Chaim Inc
5014 16th Avenue Suite 116, Brooklyn

Moisdois Beer Avraham Slonim Inc
1856 49th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Tiferes Elimelech
1650 56th St, Brooklyn

Beth Medrash Ohr Torah
1736 49th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Ozer Dalim
1725 51st St, Brooklyn

Chesed Amiti Congregation Inc
1624 50th St, Brooklyn

The Press Foundation Of America
1720 57th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Toras Chaim Inc
1714 52nd St, Brooklyn

National Council Of Young Israel
1400 W 6th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Nachlas Maharim D Chasidei Stretin
1811 47th St, Brooklyn

Toldos Yakov Yosef Inc
4718 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Tomche Yesomim
5504 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Tosfot Yom Tov
1682 42nd St, Brooklyn

Merkaz Chasidei Vurka
5014 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Mital Hashas Society For The Advancement Of Talmudic Study
4606 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Yeshiva Yesod Hachaim
54 Avenue O, Brooklyn

Bais Sina
1914 50th St, Brooklyn

Zichron Chaya
1758 47th St, Brooklyn

Sh Ma
5202 19th Ave, Brooklyn

Bnei Avrohom
4424 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Kolel Kodshim Utararos
1647 44th St, Brooklyn

Keren Chaim Zorach
1851 55th St, Brooklyn

Zibo Cong Rishpei Eish
1610 52nd St, Brooklyn

Sar Shalom Inc
4107 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Chai Corporation C/O Joseph Guttman
4907 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Gmach Chasdei Shimon Vtziporah
1730 48th St, Brooklyn

Congregation & Yeshiva Vayamein Haom Inc
4105 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Keren Binumin Inc
1760 45th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Zicron Eliezer
1954 50th Street, Brooklyn

Cong Zichron Yisroel
1657 45th St, Brooklyn

Yeshuas Yosef
1624 46th St, Brooklyn

United Spinka International
5107 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Kollel Chazon Nachem Ksav Sofer
4722 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Lijensk
1667 49th St, Brooklyn

Sefer Lanoar
4819 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Beth Medrosh Gohova Of Israel
5202 16th Ave, Brooklyn

United International Mattersdorf Organizations
1876 50th St, Brooklyn

Mesivta Kol Yaakov
5109 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Cong Beis Meir Inc
1623 44th St, Brooklyn

Chasdai Rambai Dlzensk Inc
1933 50th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Sharei Shomayim D Mosholou
5002 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Machnei Yakov Yosef Dchaseida Square
5003 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Bais Shimon
5215 20th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Meohr Yisroel
1843 48th St, Brooklyn

Talmud Torah Tifereth Jonah
4607 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Merkaz Bnos
1400 W 6th St, Brooklyn

Mesifta Shem Mishmuel
5009 19th Ave, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Shareh Torah
5314 16 Ave Ste 331, Brooklyn

Congregation Ksav
1941 50th St, Bklyn

Congregation Kolel Ohel Chava
1635 49th Street, Brooklynn

Institute Of Jewish Culture And Heritage
5313 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Shalshelet Bais Yaakov
1681 42nd St, Brooklyn

Ame V Yeled Post Partum Care Center
5715 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Mesivta Kavonas Halev
1623 44th St, Brooklyn

Yeshivas Rabbi Solomon Kluger-Chsan Sofer Inc
1876 50th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Imrei Chaim Viznitz Of Boro Park Inc
1824 53rd St, Brooklyn

Kolel Beth Yechiel Mechil Of Tartikov Inc
Po Box 40313, Brooklyn

Congregation Bris Sholom
1400 W 6th St, Brooklyn

Torah V Chesed
1814 50th St, Brooklyn

Cong Agudath Israel Of Boro Park
4911 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Mosdos Spinka
5109 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Academy For Cultural Enrichment-In The Jewish Tradition
1400 W 6th St, Brooklyn

Agudat Lev Malka
4416 18th Ave 149, Brooklyn

Zichron Chaim Elozor Institute Inc
5906 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Sholom Shachna
1938 53rd St, Brooklyn

American Friends Of Congregation Letzierim
4420 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Beth Hamedrash Chasidim
1623 48th St, Brooklyn

Shoneh Halochos
1719 56th St, Brooklyn

Eternal Light
1955 54th St, Brooklyn

Cong Ohr Yechezkel
1712 57th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Sharei Hatzlucha Inc
1764 50th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Karlin Stolin
1818 54th St, Brooklyn

Cong Machne Chaim Inc
6101 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Of Rimanov
1870 53rd St, Brooklyn

Congregation Zichron Bais Yakov
1954 52nd St, Brooklyn

Congregation And Gmach Zichron Schlomo Inc
5014 16th Avenue Ste 132, Brooklyn

Congregation Oholey Yakov Of Boyom Inc
1665 53rd St, Brooklyn

Jong Cheng Buddha Association
1719 68th St, Brooklyn

Benjamin House Inc
1631 55th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Kehal Jesode Hatorah
4918 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Almarwa Center Inc
2015 64th St, Brooklyn

Macheneh Fay-Gah Inc
1823 51st St, Brooklyn

Cong Tov Umeitov
5014 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Shema Kolainu Inc
1909 50th St, Brooklyn

Ohr Haner
1654 53rd St, Brooklyn

Almanah V Yatom Ye Oded
1701 45th St, Brooklyn

Eshel Avraham
1758 47th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Keren Abraham
1877 58th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Kavunas Halev
1654 43rd St, Brooklyn

Talmud Torah Yagdil Torah
5112 18th Avenue, Brooklyn

Congregation Tefiloh Y Ldovid
1666 57th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Keren Hagemach
1667 53rd St, Brooklyn

Mapelton Educational Center Congregation And Yeshiva Tiferes
1717 58th St, Brooklyn

Yeshivas Kavumas Halev Inc
1654 43rd St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Ore Mordechai Inc
5012 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Ohr Hameyer Dmosholu
1718 52nd St, Brooklyn

Zichron Avrohom Yosef Inc
1681 – 49th St Ste 1-C, Brooklyn

Congregation Pnei Menachem
4533 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation & Gmach Tomchei Torah
1750 44th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Adas Yosef Elanda
1825 59th St, Brooklyn

Cong Am Yosef Inc
1610 52nd St, Brooklyn

Congregation Ateres Yosef
1785 47th St, Brooklyn

Moshav Zekenim Chesed Labraham
4718 18th Ave Ste 206, Brooklyn

Toras Avos
1657 43rd St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Gevoah
1767 52nd St, Brooklyn

Ruach Chaim
1606 45th St, Brooklyn

Kupat Eizer Nisuin Bais Yisroel
5110 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Zichron Tzedek
1681 46th St, Brooklyn

Friends Of Yeshiva Sifsei Tzadik Inc
1846 49th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Bais Chased
1665 45th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Yeshuas Yaakov Inc
5014 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Cong Gmc
5014 16th Ave Ste 132, Brooklyn

Congregation Tiferes Naftuli
1715 57th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Nhar Shalom
1477 W 8th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Day School E C C C
1616 42nd St, Brooklyn

Congregation Zichron Yitzchok Vmoshe Eliyahu
1801 59th St, Brooklyn

Sharei Kamada
1669 47th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Orach Chaim Yotsei Ukraine
4520 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Avraham Ezkor
5014 16th Ave No 3-2, Brooklyn

Nachlas Yitzchok
5318 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Chochmas Shlome
1858 53rd St, Brooklyn

Cong Uvos Ubonim Inc
1612 57th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Zichron Chaim
1767 60th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Mosdos Amrom Chasida Inc
Po Box 249, Brooklyn

Flatbush Community Kollel
1718 59th St, Brooklyn

Mosdos Viznitz
5314 16th Ave Pmb 171, Brooklyn

Congregation Ezras Chasanim
1814 58th St, Brooklyn

Beth Brezower Congregation
1634 52nd St, Brooklyn

Congregation Tiferes Yitzchok
1757 51st St, Brooklyn

Congregation Kol Torah
1868 55th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Yisachar V Zevulun
5612 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Khal Jraim Congregation
1752 50th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Lomdei Kolel Boker
4716 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Khal Ichud Chasidim
4820 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregagation Bnai Isaac Of Mapleton Park Inc
54 Avenue O, Brooklyn

Congregation Minyan Mir
5401 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Yeshiva And Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Yosher
4102 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Ahaba Ve Ahva Congregation
2025 67th St, Brooklyn

Maimonides Biblical Foundation Inc
1866 55th St, Brooklyn

Congregation & Talmud Torah Beth Aaron
4901 18th Ave, Brooklyn

The@Baruch And Raizel Handler Charitable Foundation Trust
1840 52nd Street, Brooklyn

Philip Hirth Academy
4419 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Kahal Minchas Chinuch
Po Box 40313, Brooklyn

Beth Ropshitz C O Rabbi Rubin
Po Box 40487, Brooklyn

Orah V Simcha Inc
1870 48th St, Bklyn

Karlin Stulin Bnai Brak Inc
1755 49th St, Brooklyn

Yeshivas Novominsk
1690 60th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Gemach Keren Yedidya Inc
5018 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Tzeduka V Chesed
4716 17th Ave, Brooklyn

United Ger Institutions
1801 51st St, Brooklyn

Congregation & Gmach Zichron Shlomo
5014 Sixteenth Ave Ste 132, Brooklyn

Ateres Moshe Chasidei Umosodos Lelov
1830 50th St, Brooklyn

Supreme Master Ching Hai Intl Association In New York
6223 20th Avenue First Floor Rear, Brooklyn

New York Association Of Jews From The Former Soviet Union Inc
Po Box 40154, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Shaar Hatalmud
1746 53rd St, Brooklyn

United Charity Institutions Of Jerusalem
1782 45th St, Brooklyn

Yeshivas Chsan Sofer Inc
1876 50th St, Brooklyn

United Education & Rehabilitation Inc
1876 50th St, Brooklyn

Yismach Moshe Institute
1621 51st St, Brooklyn

Congregation Anshei Tov
1771 57th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Birchas Moshe Inc
5112 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Ohel Chai
1875 53rd St, Brooklyn

Mosdos Opele Inc
5014 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Lomdei Torah
1642 45th St, Brooklyn

Beeras Hamayim
1870 53rd St, Brooklyn

Congregation Bais Moshe Of Koruv Inc
5912 19th Ave, Brooklyn

Kolel Zichron Chaim Yisroel Dbrisdovitz
1721 58th St, Brooklyn

Nesivos Bais Yaakov
1621 60th Street, Brooklyn

Congregation Bais Yechiel
1833 51st St, Brooklyn

Talmud Torah Ohr Moshe
1774 58th Street, Brooklyn

Congregation Tiferes Yaakov
1605 55th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Simchas Chaim Inc
2022 59th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Parkview Homes
5314 16th Ave Suite 279, Brooklyn

Khal And Yeshiva Oholei Shmuel
1737 54th St, Brooklyn

Zichron Yisochar
1727 51st St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Shaarei Menachem Inc
2115 57th St Apt 1, Brooklyn

United Educational And Humanitarian Centers Inc
1750 48th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Tehilos Yitzchok
2119 57th St, Brooklyn

Menucha Ukedusha Inc
1756 46th St, Brooklyn

Khal Kollel Tsanz
2143 65th St, Brooklyn

Bais Hamedrash Umesivta Nesivoshatalmud
1644 60th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Of The Sisters Of Jesus The Savior
1679 47th St, Brooklyn

Cong Darkei Chaim Inc
1847 60th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Kedushas David
1638 52nd St, Brooklyn

Chut Hameshulash Inc
Po Box 40331, Brooklyn

Bonei Haaretz Inc
1734 60th St, Brooklyn

Cong Dchacidei Breslov
5504 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Bais Yesomim Kedushas Meir Al Shem Meir Baal Haness
1739 46th St, Brooklyn

Beth Yehudis
1739 46th St, Brooklyn

Beis Hatalmud Of Jerusalem Inc
1892 48th St, Brooklyn

Kolel Maneh Simcha
1876 50th St, Brooklyn

Chevra Toras Chesed
5314 16th Avenue Suite 112, Brooklyn

Gedulas Mordechai
1628 54th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Zera Kodesh Dropshitz
1858 53rd St, Brooklyn

Kollel Bais Torah
1636 49th St, Brooklyn

Chaim Vochessed
1865 51st Street, Brooklyn

Congregation Bais Chaim Yoshua
4911 17th Ave, Brooklyn

David Shapell Jewish Center
4722 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Synagogue Of Bais Hayalmud Haigodol
1850 50th St, Brooklyn

Daf Yomi Inc
1711 47th St, Brooklyn

Bnos Ruchel
1665 47th St, Brooklyn

Cong Or Lashomaim
5904 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Society Of Chesed Lavrohom Hachn
5312 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Gerer Teshivah And Mesivta Machzikel Hadath
5407 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Of Whispering Woodsinc
1838 61st St, Brooklyn

Congregation Zichron Yehudah Aryeh
2112 58th St, Brooklyn

Zecher Avrohom Inc
1715 51st St, Brooklyn

Congregation Derech Yisroel
5204 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Ohr Yisroel Inc
5002 19th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Ichud Avreichem
5314 16th Ave Ste 399, Brooklyn

Bnei Tzvi Arye
1753 47th St Apt 3f, Brooklyn

Beth Medrash Zichron Tuvia
1774-58th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Yetev Lev Of 18th Ave
5314 16 Ave Ste 237, Brooklyn

Gerer Yeshiva And Mesivta Bais Yisroel
5407 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Bais Yaakov Oz Vehodor
5506 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Chasdei Shmiel Shmelka Ben Chaim Z Tl
1665 50th St, Brooklyn

Mechon Maharal Tzintz
2131 62nd St, Brooklyn

Kol Shimon
5208 19th Ave, Brooklyn

Cong 3pri Hooretz
5005 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Chasdie Miriam Gitty Inc
1845 50th St, Brooklyn

Cong Machne Chayei Surah Inc
1616 61st St, Brooklyn

Cong Skolye Keser Kashrus Inc
2338 60th St, Brooklyn

Shaare Yosher Yeshiva Inc
5614 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Bais Berliner
5024 19th Ave, Brooklyn

Kahal Interdam Inc
5021 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Saint Ioasaf Of Belgorod Land Russian Orthodox Church Inc
2477 65th Str 1st Fl, Brooklyn

Buddhist Association Of New York Pu Jue Temple Inc
2249 65th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Ltzierim Inc
2143 65th St, Brooklyn

Kollel Beir Menachem
6701 Bay Pky, Brooklyn

Aitz Chaim D Boro Park Inc
5715 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Beis Hamedresh Beis Yechiel Daleksander
1720 57th St, Brooklyn

Beth Joel
1969 54th St, Brooklyn

Cong Neimus Moshe
1662 47th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Khal Polinia Inc
1812 46th Street, Brooklyn

Congregation Bnai Asher Inc
1655 55th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Beth Aron Visrael Karlin Stolin Inc Of Boro Park
4609 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Meor Hatfilah
5910 20th Ave # 5914, Brooklyn

Congregation Kavunas Halev Building Fund Inc
1623 43rd St, Brooklyn

Congregation Chonen Vnosen
6301 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Kehal Yeshorim Nussach Sfard Inc
1666 46th St, Brooklyn

Hayashar Vehatov Inc
5221 20th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Beer Hachesed
1660 45th St, Brooklyn

Cong Chasidei Yerushaliem
1765 54th St, Brooklyn

Hasefer Publications Inc
1821 60th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Darkei Avos Sanz Of Bp
1611 46th Street, Brooklyn

Congregation Beth Medrash Govoha
5113 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Tifereth Avos
1811 47th St, Brooklyn

Vaad Leharomas Keren Hatorah
5107 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Ohr Joseph Rabbinical Seminary
1733 49th St, Brooklyn

Talmud Torah Imrei Chaim Dvishnitz
1769 56th St, Brooklyn

Yeshiva Bais Chaim Yoshua
5506 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Keren Torah
4801 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Tifrach Torah Center
1644 50th St, Brooklyn

Em Kol Chai
4321 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Chsan Sofer Dmattersdorf
1861 50th St, Brooklyn

Gemilos Chasodim Chasdel Moshe
5314 16th Ave Suite 370, Brooklyn

Yad V Kiddush Hashem House Of Martyrs Inc
Po Box 40032, Brooklyn

Jewish Heritage Resource Center
1933 50th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Keren Yehoshua C/O J Schwartz
1847 48th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Nachlas Yaakov
1644 55th St Apt B2, Brooklyn

Emek Hatalmud
1685 49th St, Brooklyn

Zichron Shmuel
4424 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Ohel Chai Inc
Po Box 40032, Brooklyn

American Friends Of Shalmei Meir Inc
5014 16th Ave, Brooklyn

Ocm Community Church Of Brooklyn Inc
6501 Bay Pkwy Level C, Brooklyn

Machna Bobov 45 Inc
4616 18th Ave, Brooklyn

Bnei Emunim
5307 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Yad Chesed Inc
5006 16th Ave Ste 3, Brooklyn

Kolel Asike Shmatasa
1639 59th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Bobov 45
1666 47th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Bilgorayer United Inc
1763 51st St, Brooklyn

Heichal Hatalmud
1628 57th St, Brooklyn

Congregation Kahal Mkilnitz
5014 16th Ave Ste 314, Brooklyn

Torah For Special Children
6214 24th Ave, Brooklyn

Congregation Tiferes Miriam
6510 17th Ave, Brooklyn

Friendship Truth Sick & Benevolent Society Of Kastoryalis
1926 63rd St, Brooklyn

National Council Of Young Israel
1400 W 6th St, Brooklyn

St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Inc
1822 65th St, Brooklyn