11208 is located in Brooklyn and includes East New York & Cypress Hills.

This neighborhood is a mix of residential and other uses.
This neighborhood has:
a very high number of places to buy food
an above average number of social services
a very high number of childcare facilities
an above average number of healthcare facilities

EHV Payment Amount

EHVs can cover different amounts of rent depending on the zip code where a home is located and the size of the home, and they can provide extra help in some neighborhoods where housing is more expensive. You may hear the term “payment standard,” which means the maximum amount of rent an EHV can cover.

If you are searching in zip code 11208, EHVs may help pay the following amounts for SROs, Studios, and 1-4 bedroom apartments:

SRO: $1751
Studio: $2335
1-BR: $2387
2-BR: $2696
3-BR: $3385
4-BR: $3647

For more information about payment amounts across the city, please visit: https://nyc.gov/hpd-payment-standards.


11208 is served by the following transit options:

Subways: A, C, J, Z
Bus lines: B6, B13, B14, B15, B20, B84, Q7, Q8, Q24, Q56
Express bus lines: BM5
Citibike: No

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Food Access

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11208 has a very high number of places to buy food.

Food shops: 194
Year-round farmers markets: 0
Seasonal farmers markets: 1
Soup kitchens: 1
Food pantries: 10


Neighborhood safety is difficult to measure and summarize, but when looking at the number of certain felony crimes that occurred in this area between 2014 and 2018, 11208 had among the most crimes per person compared to other neighborhoods.

For more information on which crimes were analyzed and how they were adjusted for the number of people who live in each zip code, see the technical notes.

Healthcare Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11208 has an above average number of healthcare facilities.

Hospitals and clinics: 12
Mental health: 3
Chemical dependency: 0
Health promotion and disease prevention: 25
Residential healthcare: 2
Other healthcare: 6

Social Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11208 has an above average number of social services.

Senior services: 3
Immigrant services: 2
Services for people with disabilities: 1
Community centers and community school programs: 5
Non-resident housing and homeless services: 0
Legal and intervention services: 0
Financial and social services: 2
Workforce development: 2

Childcare Facilities

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11208 has a very high number of childcare facilities.

After school programs: 20
Day care facilities: 20
DOE universal pre-K facilities: 25
Preschools for students with disabilities: 0

Public Schools

Each school year the New York City Department of Education (DOE) surveys students, parents, and teachers. This information is used to measure five dimensions of school quality for each school. The New York City public schools located in 11208 were rated:

Rigorous instruction: Average
Collaborative teachers: Average
Supportive environment: Average
Effective school leadership: Average
Trust: Average

Student achievement is rated Below average.

For more detailed information on a specific school, please visit: https://tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot/2019/
To look up zoned schools at a given address, please visit: https://schoolsearch.schools.nyc/


Of the people who live in 11208:

27% are children
10% are seniors

Of the people in 11208:

6% identify as Asian
49% identify as Black
41% identify as Hispanic/Latinx
3% identify as White

Types of Housing & Buildings

Buildings in 11208 are a mix of residential and other uses. The most common type of properties in 11208 are buildings other than housing (offices, stores, warehouses, etc.). The most common type of housing is one and two family buildings.

Street Life

Explore 11208 through Google Street View:

Open Space and Parks

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11208 has an average amount of open space and parks.

Parks, playgrounds & natural areas: 11
Gardens: 15
Playfields: 0
Triangles & plazas: 2

Note: Some zip codes are close to but do not include very large parks like Central Park, Prospect Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and others. In these cases, residents still have nearby access to high-quality open space, but this access is not reflected in the numbers above. You may want to explore on a map to see if any large parks are nearby.

Religious Facilities

11208 includes the following religious facilities:

United Ephesians Church Inc
320 Ridgewood Ave, Cypress Hill

Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home
1485 Dumont Ave, Brooklyn

Miracle Tabernacle Inc
Po Box 22, Brooklyn

Pentecostal Rescue House Of Prayer For All Nations Inc
2415 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn

Greater Bright Light Baptist Church Inc
1320 Sutter Ave, Brooklyn

Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ Of The Apostolic Faith Inc
680 Liberty Ave, Brooklyn

St Bamabas Church
417 Elton St, Brooklyn

House Of Prayer Of Jesus Christ
2468 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn

Axe-And-Adze Holy Tabernacle Church Of God Inc
1276 Sutter Ave, Brooklyn

Faith And Love Christian Center
1492 Sutter Ave, Brooklyn

Iglesia Pentecostal Tabernaculo Cristiano Inc
234 Chestnut St, Brooklyn

Iglesia Biblica Cristiana
860 Liberty Ave, New York

Followers Of Jesus Mennonite Church
3065 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Iglesia Pentecostal Cadelero De Oro 265 Ashford Street
243 Essex St, Brooklyn

Pentecostal Church Fountain Of Eternal Life Inc
2659 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn

High Times Deliverance Church Inc
790 Eldert Ln Apt 9s, Brooklyn

Celestial Church Of Christ Queens Parish Inc
310 Elton St, Brooklyn

Cypress Hills Assembly Of God
197 Highland Pl, Brooklyn

International Network Of Christian Communities Inc
616 Jamaica Ave, Brooklyn

Key To Heaven Tabernacle Church
1102 Blake Ave # 04, Brooklyn

2414 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn

Segunda Igl Cristiana Primitiva
339 Linwood St, Brooklyn

Isaiahs Temple Of Mt Hope Spiritual Baptist Church Inc
862 Glenmore Ave, Brooklyn

Brooklyn No One Faith And Works Ministries Inc
62 Etna St, Brooklyn

Shri Satyam Mandir Inc
57 Lincoln Ave, Brooklyn

Iglesia Evangelica Misionera
734 Jamaica Ave, Brooklyn

Holy Tabernacle Church Of Deliverance
62 Etna St, Brooklyn

Unity Penetecostal Church Inc
560 Pine St, Brooklyn

Mosjid Al Aman Inc
203 Forbell St, Brooklyn

Hermandad De Iglesias Cristianas Carismaticas Inc
28 Obrien Pl, Brooklyn

Christ The Rock Chapel Inc
770 Glenmore Ave # 784, Brooklyn

Iglesia Pentecostal Esmirna Inc
1115 Blake Ave, Brooklyn

Christ Apostolic Church Of God Mission Inc
736 Glenmore Ave, Brooklyn

Baitul Mamur Masjid & Community
1033 Glenmore Ave, Brooklyn

Saint Paul Mission Inc
585 Crescent St, Brooklyn

Holy Order Of Cherubim & Seraphim Church Movement Ogo-Oluwa
765 Cleveland St, Brooklyn

Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church Inc
447 Elton St, Brooklyn

Sri Ramashram Sangh Inc
265 Crescent St, Brooklyn

Vighneshwar Mandir Inc
686 Jamaica Ave, Brooklyn

Islamic Research & Dawah Center Inc
406 Autumn Ave, Brooklyn

Manna Church Inc
82 Nichols Ave, Brooklyn

Musjid Abu Hanifah Incorporated
2743 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn

Church Community Workers Inc
1155 Glenmore Ave 3rd Flr, Brooklyn

Hope For All Outreach Center Inc
2431 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn

Evangelical Lutheran Church Of St Philip
85 Forbell St, Brooklyn

Moorish Mosque
1393 Stanley Ave, Brooklyn

Muslim Ummah Of North America Inc
Po Box 411, Brooklyn

Ifa Temple Of African Religion & Traditional Healing Center
250 Benniman St, Brooklyn

Church Of God Missionary Inc
97 Nichols Ave, Brooklyn

The East New York Baptist Church
179 Nichols Ave, Brooklyn

Christian Community Center Inc
2540 Pitkin Ave # 42, Brooklyn

Shama Christian Fellowship
1137 Blake Ave, Brooklyn

Ark Of Salvation Of East New York Inc
2439 Pitkin Ave # 41, Brooklyn

Bharat Sevashram Sangha Of North America Ny Inc
376 Cleveland St, Brooklyn

Risen Waters Sanctuary Inc
380 Cleveland St, Brooklyn

New Jerusalem Holy Church Inc National Church And Clergy
2635 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn

Rhema Ministries Christian Organization
718 Cleveland St, Brooklyn

Eternal Life Tabernacle Apostolic Inc
987 Hegeman Ave, Brooklyn

Iglesia Fuente De Restauracion Inc
3459 Fulton St, Brooklyn

Universal House Of Prayer
527 Logan St, Brooklyn

Triumphant Church Of Jesus Christ No 3 Inc
99 Hale Ave, Brooklyn

Christian Helps Sanctuary Inc
979 Cleveland St, Brooklyn

New York Islamic Cultural Center Inc
1239 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn

Maha Adishakti Ashram Inc
360 Ridgewood Ave, Brooklyn

Intercessory Community Outreach Ministries Church Of God 7th Day
760 Sheridan Ave, Brooklyn

Iglesia Pentecostal Cristo Restaura Inc
622 Hemlock St, Brooklyn

City Of God International Council Of Churches New Jerusalem Holy Chu
1025 Dumont Ave, Brooklyn

Living Water Christian Center
740 Euclid Ave Apt 1a, Brooklyn

La Nueva Jerusalen Iglesia Pentecostal Inc
372 Eldert Ln, Brooklyn

Centro Cristiano De Bendicion Inc
616 Jamaica Ave, Brooklyn

Iglesia Cristiana El Camino
28 Obrien Pl, Brooklyn

Gap Generation Church
3009 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Primera Mission De Dios Jehova Nisi Inc
504 Linwood St, Brooklyn

Centro Cristiano Faro De Luz
3424 Fulton St, Brooklyn

Centro Cristiano Fuente De Vida Inc
125 Euclid Ave Ste 68-490, Brooklyn

Tko Ministries Inc
614 Autumn Ave, Brooklyn

Emmanuel Deliverance Center Inc
167 Chestnut St, Brooklyn

Good News Deliverance Tabernacle
509 Elton St Ste Ph, Brooklyn

Truth For Life Center
536 Pine St, Brooklyn

Gods Power House Prayer Garden Ministries Inc
119 Fountain Ave Apt 1a, Brooklyn

Sure Foundation Church Of Jesus Christ Apostolic Faith Inc No 2
119 Fountain Ave Apt 1a, Brooklyn

Endtime Harvest Outreach Inter Mi
955 Autumn Ave, Brooklyn

Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ Lord Of Lords And King Of Kings In
49 Montauk Ave, Brooklyn

Jesus The Way Maker Tabernacle
119 Fountain Ave Apt 1a, Brooklyn

Prayer Garden Ministries Inc
119 Fountain Ave Apt 1a, Brooklyn

Sadhana Dham Mandir
3126 Fulton St 2nd Flr, Brooklyn

New Lots Islamic Center Inc
23 Norwood Ave Ste 3, Brooklyn

Iglesia Cristiana Casa De Liberacion Inc
1062 Crescent St, Brooklyn

Evangelical Berean Church Of God Inc
2761 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn

Second Saint Paul Coc Doc Inc
1048 Sutter Ave, Brooklyn

Faith And Love Bible Training Center
1492 Sutter Ave, Brooklyn