11216 is located in Brooklyn and includes Bedford-Stuyvesant & Crown Heights.

This neighborhood is mostly residential.
This neighborhood has:
an above average number of places to buy food
an above average number of social services
an above average number of healthcare facilities

EHV Payment Amount

EHVs can cover different amounts of rent depending on the zip code where a home is located and the size of the home, and they can provide extra help in some neighborhoods where housing is more expensive. You may hear the term “payment standard,” which means the maximum amount of rent an EHV can cover.

If you are searching in zip code 11216, EHVs may help pay the following amounts for SROs, Studios, and 1-4 bedroom apartments:

SRO: $1751
Studio: $2335
1-BR: $2387
2-BR: $2696
3-BR: $3385
4-BR: $3647

For more information about payment amounts across the city, please visit: https://nyc.gov/hpd-payment-standards.


11216 is served by the following transit options:

Subways: A, C
Bus lines: B15, B25, B26, B38, B43, B44, B44-SBS, B45, B48, B49, B52, B65
Express bus lines: N/A
Citibike: Yes

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Food Access

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11216 has an above average number of places to buy food.

Food shops: 139
Year-round farmers markets: 0
Seasonal farmers markets: 1
Soup kitchens: 4
Food pantries: 12


Neighborhood safety is difficult to measure and summarize, but when looking at the number of certain felony crimes that occurred in this area between 2014 and 2018, 11216 had among the most crimes per person compared to other neighborhoods.

For more information on which crimes were analyzed and how they were adjusted for the number of people who live in each zip code, see the technical notes.

Healthcare Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11216 has an above average number of healthcare facilities.

Hospitals and clinics: 9
Mental health: 4
Chemical dependency: 3
Health promotion and disease prevention: 14
Residential healthcare: 1
Other healthcare: 5

Social Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11216 has an above average number of social services.

Senior services: 3
Immigrant services: 0
Services for people with disabilities: 1
Community centers and community school programs: 3
Non-resident housing and homeless services: 0
Legal and intervention services: 2
Financial and social services: 0
Workforce development: 4

Childcare Facilities

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11216 has an average number of childcare facilities.

After school programs: 11
Day care facilities: 15
DOE universal pre-K facilities: 11
Preschools for students with disabilities: 2

Public Schools

Each school year the New York City Department of Education (DOE) surveys students, parents, and teachers. This information is used to measure five dimensions of school quality for each school. The New York City public schools located in 11216 were rated:

Rigorous instruction: Average
Collaborative teachers: Average
Supportive environment: Average
Effective school leadership: Average
Trust: Average

Student achievement is rated average.

For more detailed information on a specific school, please visit: https://tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot/2019/
To look up zoned schools at a given address, please visit: https://schoolsearch.schools.nyc/


Of the people who live in 11216:

16% are children
11% are seniors

Of the people in 11216:

5% identify as Asian
51% identify as Black
11% identify as Hispanic/Latinx
28% identify as White

Types of Housing & Buildings

Buildings in 11216 are mostly residential. The most common type of properties in 11216 are walk-up apartment buildings.

Street Life

Explore 11216 through Google Street View:

Open Space and Parks

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11216 has an average amount of open space and parks.

Parks, playgrounds & natural areas: 6
Gardens: 9
Playfields: 0
Triangles & plazas: 1

Note: Some zip codes are close to but do not include very large parks like Central Park, Prospect Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and others. In these cases, residents still have nearby access to high-quality open space, but this access is not reflected in the numbers above. You may want to explore on a map to see if any large parks are nearby.

Religious Facilities

11216 includes the following religious facilities:

Endtime Assembly Inc
147 Quincy St, Brooklyn

Advent Heralds Inc
250 New York Ave, Brooklyn

Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah Inc
Po Box 160064, Brooklyn

St Bartholomews Church
1227 Pacific St, Brooklyn

Bedford Central Presbyterian Church
1200 Dean St, Brooklyn

Concord Baptist Church Of Christ
833 Gardner C Taylor Boulevard, Brooklyn

St Georges Church
800 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn

Stuyvestant Heights Christian Church
69 Macdonough St, Brooklyn

Evangelical Lutheran Church Of The Epiphany Of Brooklyn Ny
721 Lincoln Pl, Brooklyn

Concord Nursing Home Inc
300 Madison St, Brooklyn

Bethany Baptist Church Of Brooklyn Inc
460 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn

Trinity Zio Pentecostal Church Of America
1523 Fulton St, Brooklyn

Thank You Jesus Church Inc
732 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Tabernacle Deliverance Center
600 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn

Emanuel Temple
53 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn

Evangelical Church Ebenezer Fraternity Of Jesus Christ Inc
694 Saint Marks Ave, Brooklyn

Universal Deliverance Mission Church Inc
79 Macon St, Brooklyn

Tabernacle Church Of God Inc
264 Lexington Ave, Brooklyn

Divine Joy Church Of Christ Inc
1090 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Mt Pisgah Christian Academy
760 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

Cathedral Of Christ Community Church Ministries
1073 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

The African Islamic Mission Inc
1390 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Faith Holy Church Of The Living God
193 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Shiloh Baptist Church Of Brooklyn N New York
347 Tompkins Ave 349, Brooklyn

Mount Calvary Pentecostal Church Of God Inc
755 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn

Gemach Chaim Rafael Inc
5290 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Church
1024 Bergen St, Brooklyn

The Cherubim And Seraphim Movement Church Inc
Po Box 298, Brooklyn

Redemption Church Of Christ Inc
Po Box 160196, Brooklyn

Faith Baptist Church Inc
559 Greene Ave, Brooklyn

All Peoples Church Of The Apostolic Faith Inc
422 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

Victory Temple Church Of God In Christ 1
406 Gates Ave # 408, Brooklyn

Mount Hope Pilgrim Spiritual Baptist Church Inc
416 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

First Corinthian Baptist Church Inc
671 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn

Macedonia Church Of Christ
289 Quincy St, Brooklyn

Mount Bethel Baptist Church
777 Lincoln Pl, Brooklyn

Bell Mount Baptist Church Inc
455 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn

Siloam Presbyterian Church
260 Jefferson Ave, Brooklyn

Tabernacle House Of Prayer For All Deliverence
545 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

Apostolic Holiness Union House Of Prayer Inc
348 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn

New Covenant House Of Prayer For All People Apostolic Doctrine Inc
309 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn

Little Mt Zion Baptist Church Inc
324 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn

Word Of Life Church 1155 Halsey St
715 Saint Marks Ave Apt 2b, Brooklyn

Church Of God 7th Day
84 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Living Faith Tabernacle Of Deliverance Inc
545 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

Masjid At-Taqwa Inc
1266 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Adonijah Fellowship Inc
549 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

Greater Unified Freewill Baptist Church Inc
66 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Mt Pleasant Pentecostal Faith Church Inc
344 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn

Mt Tabor Spiritual Baptist Church Inc
619 Nostrand Ave Apt 4, Brooklyn

Holy Tabernacle No 1 Church Of God In Christ Inc
219 Monroe Street, Brooklyn

Seventh Revelation Church Inc
271 Quincy St, Brooklyn

Iglesia Pentecostal De Jesucristo Amor De Dios Inc
695 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

Carmel Seventh Day Adventist Church Inc
126 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Zion House Of Prayer Inc
1187 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Ebenezer Faith Temple Holiness Church Inc
496 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

Church Of Deliverance Inc
435 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

Full Faith Ministries
Po Box 16, Brooklyn

Church Of The Brotherhood Inc
1374 Beford Ave, Brooklyn

El Shaddai Ministry
288 Lexington Ave Ste B, Brooklyn

Daniel Deliverance Spiritual Baptist Temple
153 Herkimer St, Brooklyn

Phileo Ministries Inc
519 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Baptist Evangelical Union
457 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn

St Philemon Spiritual Baptist Church
1233 Fulton St, Brooklyn

Full Gospel Of Christ Fellowship Inc
359 Quincy St, Brooklyn

United Christian Church Of God Inc
669 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn

Judah International Christian Center Inc
141 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Greater Rugged Cross Missionary Baptist Church Inc
457 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn

Kingdom Life Ministries International Inc
770 Park Pl # 774, Brooklyn

Agape Tabernacle Ministries
1001 Bergen St # 5, Brooklyn

Saint Anns Saint Jochim Spiritual Baptist Church Inc
219 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Metropolitan Interdenominational Ministers Conference Inc
349 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn

Brotherhood Of Man Universal Christian Oraysha Church Inc
390 Nostrand Ave Apt 5y, Brooklyn

Upper Room Tabernacle Of Deliverence Pentecostal Church
319 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Friendship Baptist Church Inc
92 Herkimer St, Brooklyn

Antioch Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Inc
1259 Bedford Ave # 61, Brooklyn

United Holy Church Of America Inc Ebenezer Temple
496 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

The Church Of Haile Selassie Inc
470 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

United Church Of God Seventh Day
84 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Bright Light Family Worship Center Church Of God In Christ
488 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn

Galle Cheikh Tidiane Mosque
C/O 1169 Fulton Street Room 2nd Fl, Brooklyn

Tauheed Center For Human Excellence
1164 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Shake The Foundation Praisetabernacle Inc
170 New York Ave Apt 14, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Congregations Together Inc
760 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

Charity Baptist Church
1515 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Temple Of Thought The Church Of The Univivse Inc
1469 Bedford Ave, Bklyn

Catholic Daughters Of America 80 Ct Rosemary
663 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

Council Of Islamic Organizations Of America Inc
676 Saint Marks Ave, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Community Worship Center Church Of The Nazarene
117 Madison St, Brooklyn

Beulah Church Of God In Christ Jesus Inc
956 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn

Fountain Of Grace International Ministries Inc
699 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Yoruba House Of Worship Inc
323 Putnam Ave Apt 1, Brooklyn

Faith Worship And Praise Deliverance Tabernacle
193 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Empowering Our Community Ministries Inc
1451 Pacific St, Brooklyn

Adonijah Fellowship Bible School And Seminary
549 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

Chabad Heights Brownstone Gan Katan Inc
664 Sterling Pl, Brooklyn

New Beginning Pentecostal Church Of God Inc
366 Tomkins Ave, Brooklyn

Parson Temple Fellowship Church Of The Apostolic Faith Inc
549 Gates Ave, Brooklyn

Spiritual Mission Of St Paul
1061 Dean St Apt 4c, Brooklyn

Beulah Apostolic Christian Temple Inc
134 Halsey St, Brooklyn

Life Enrichment Adventist Ministry Inc
159 Halsey St Apt 3d, Brooklyn

New Destiny Christian Church
289 Quincy St, Brooklyn

Masjids On The Move
Po Box 160106, Brooklyn

World Mission
559 Greene Ave, Brooklyn

St Michael Evangelistic Association In Christ
404 Putnam Ave 14, Brooklyn

Central Baptist Church
1234 Bedford Ave # 36, Brooklyn

Ansars Of Islam Inc
676 Saint Marks Ave, Brooklyn

Christ Pentecostal Church
321 Quincy St, Brooklyn

Believers Faith Tabernacle Inc
139 Quincy St Fl 3, Brooklyn

Grace Baptist Church Inc
1200 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Winds Of The Winners Deliverance Ministries Inc
623 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Masjeed Sheikh Umarul Fuutyu Taal
1234 Fulton St, Brooklyn

Restoration Tabernacle Inc
329 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Trinity Grace Church Crown Heights
1080 Bergen Suite 199, Brooklyn

Kingdom Principle International Ministries Inc
235a Madison St, Brooklyn