11226 is located in Brooklyn and includes Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Flatbush, & Prospect Park South.

This neighborhood is a mix of residential and other uses.
This neighborhood has:
a very high number of places to buy food
an above average number of childcare facilities
an above average number of healthcare facilities

EHV Payment Amount

EHVs can cover different amounts of rent depending on the zip code where a home is located and the size of the home, and they can provide extra help in some neighborhoods where housing is more expensive. You may hear the term “payment standard,” which means the maximum amount of rent an EHV can cover.

If you are searching in zip code 11226, EHVs may help pay the following amounts for SROs, Studios, and 1-4 bedroom apartments:

SRO: $1751
Studio: $2335
1-BR: $2387
2-BR: $2696
3-BR: $3385
4-BR: $3647

For more information about payment amounts across the city, please visit: https://nyc.gov/hpd-payment-standards.


11226 is served by the following transit options:

Subways: 2, 5, B, Q
Bus lines: B8, B12, B16, B35, B41, B44, B44-SBS, B49, B68, B103
Express bus lines: BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4
Citibike: Yes

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Food Access

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11226 has a very high number of places to buy food.

Food shops: 225
Year-round farmers markets: 1
Seasonal farmers markets: 0
Soup kitchens: 0
Food pantries: 10


Neighborhood safety is difficult to measure and summarize, but when looking at the number of certain felony crimes that occurred in this area between 2014 and 2018, 11226 had more crime than average per person compared to other neighborhoods.

For more information on which crimes were analyzed and how they were adjusted for the number of people who live in each zip code, see the technical notes.

Healthcare Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11226 has an above average number of healthcare facilities.

Hospitals and clinics: 11
Mental health: 1
Chemical dependency: 1
Health promotion and disease prevention: 11
Residential healthcare: 3
Other healthcare: 4

Social Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11226 has an average number of social services.

Senior services: 2
Immigrant services: 1
Services for people with disabilities: 0
Community centers and community school programs: 0
Non-resident housing and homeless services: 1
Legal and intervention services: 5
Financial and social services: 0
Workforce development: 1

Childcare Facilities

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11226 has an above average number of childcare facilities.

After school programs: 10
Day care facilities: 18
DOE universal pre-K facilities: 17
Preschools for students with disabilities: 2

Public Schools

Each school year the New York City Department of Education (DOE) surveys students, parents, and teachers. This information is used to measure five dimensions of school quality for each school. The New York City public schools located in 11226 were rated:

Rigorous instruction: Below average
Collaborative teachers: Average
Supportive environment: Average
Effective school leadership: Average
Trust: Average

Student achievement is rated average.

For more detailed information on a specific school, please visit: https://tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot/2019/
To look up zoned schools at a given address, please visit: https://schoolsearch.schools.nyc/


Of the people who live in 11226:

22% are children
12% are seniors

Of the people in 11226:

3% identify as Asian
65% identify as Black
16% identify as Hispanic/Latinx
13% identify as White

Types of Housing & Buildings

Buildings in 11226 are a mix of residential and other uses. The most common type of properties in 11226 are parks & open space. The most common type of housing is one and two family buildings.

Street Life

Explore 11226 through Google Street View:

Open Space and Parks

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11226 has an average amount of open space and parks.

Parks, playgrounds & natural areas: 2
Gardens: 0
Playfields: 1
Triangles & plazas: 1

Note: Some zip codes are close to but do not include very large parks like Central Park, Prospect Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and others. In these cases, residents still have nearby access to high-quality open space, but this access is not reflected in the numbers above. You may want to explore on a map to see if any large parks are nearby.

Religious Facilities

11226 includes the following religious facilities:

Burning Light Christian Center International
1177 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Emmanuel Church Of God Inc
2819 Tilden Ave Apt 1a, Brooklyn

Calvary Tabernacle Le Tabernacle
1010 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn

World Harvesters Outreach Ministries Conferences & Crusades
637 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

St Pauls Church
157 Saint Pauls Pl, Brooklyn

Flatbush Tompkins Congregational Church
424 E 19th St, Brooklyn

Lenox Road Baptist Church
1356 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

St Stephen Lutheran Church
2806 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn

Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Of The Town Of Flatbrush Kings County
890 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Salem Missionary Baptist Church
305 E 21st St, Brooklyn

The Apostolic Mystical Order Of St Peter
651 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Saints Memorial Tabernacle Way Of Life Church Inc
2913 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn

Flatbush Minyan Inc
568 Marlborough Rd, Brooklyn

Faith Assembly Of God
Po Box 260522, Brooklyn

Pentecostal Evangelistic Outreach Church
1513 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Fernande Valme Ministries Inc
1120 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Brooklyn New Jerusalem
806 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Iglesia Pentecostal Jesus El Camino Verdadero
2156 Tilden Ave, Brooklyn

Fardeau Des Ames Pour Christ
1754 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

The Gospel Tabernacle Church Of Jesus Christ Apostolic Inc
2314 Snyder Ave, Brooklyn

City View Baptist Church Of Flatbush
1157 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Redemption Gospel Outreach
Po Box 260475, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Assembly Halls Of Jehovahs Witnesses Inc
973 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Shiloh Apostolic Church Of Jamaica Inc
1607 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Faith Dynamics Center Inc C/O Stephen Re Andrews
753 Flatbush Avenue 2nd Floor, Brooklyn

Wesley Methodist Church Of Ghana Usa
Po Box 260565, Brooklyn

Pilgrim Wesleyan Church Of Brooklyn
Po Box 260620, Brooklyn

L Alpha & L Omega Soleil Masonic Lodge 1 Inc
350 Ocean Ave Apt 4d, Brooklyn

Watt Samakki-Dhammikaram Inc
26 Rugby Rd, Brooklyn

Walls Of Salvation And The Gates Of Praise
160 Parkside Ave Apt 11d, Brooklyn

Apostolic Assmebly Of Jesus Christ
2604 Newkirk Ave Apt M, Brooklyn

Open Bible Faith Ministries Inc
329 Linden Blvd, Bklyn

Jessamy Mission
17 E 18th St, Brooklyn

Triune Mystical Order Of St Gabriel Sprititual Church Inc
16 Duryea Pl, Brooklyn

Mt Paran Baptist Church
2459 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Immanuel Tabernacle
85 Lenox Rd, Brooklyn

Mount Olive Zion Christ Church Inc
270 Parkside Ave Apt B4w, Brooklyn

Igl Fuente De Salvacion
3110 Church Ave, Brooklyn

United Church Of Salvation Inc
1077 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Greater Faith Community Baptist Church
1010 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn

Guiding Light Pentecostal Assemblies
2608 Albemarle Rd, Brooklyn

St Michaels Faith & Hope Mystical Order Of The World
2 Stephens Ct, Brooklyn

Union Christian Baptist Church 1st Corinthians 15 58
816 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Saint Mary Spiritual Church Inc
69 Martense St Bsmt, Brooklyn

Jesus Elect Church Of Later-Rain
1539 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Church Of God Deliverance In Christ Jesus Incorporated
157 Lenox Rd, Brooklyn

Let Go & Let God Ministry
1601 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Lighthouse Baptist Church
1276 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Kolel Beis Yakov
2107 Ditmas Ave, Brooklyn

Worldwide Evangelical Outreach Inc
3102 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn

Temple Of Holiness Church Inc
27 E 18th St, Brooklyn

Leglise Baptiste Larbre De Vie Inc
1019 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

More Grace Redemptive Center Inc
646 Parkside Ave, Brooklyn

Church Of God Faith In Christ
1238 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

St Anthonys Spiritual Baptist Church
966 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Three Dimensions Wholistic Ministries Inc
318 E 16th St, Brooklyn

The Second El Shaddai Haitian Baptist Church
1623 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Masjid-E-Baitul Karim Inc
380 E 18th St Ste C, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Outreach Ministry Inc
310 E 25th St Apt 2b, Brooklyn

Destiny Deliverance Ministries
Po Box 260033iams, Brooklyn

No Limit Beulah Sabbath Pentecostal Church
125 Lenox Rd Apt D9, Brooklyn

Eglise Of The Open Bible Inc
989 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Belal Masjid Inc
1404 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn

Strong Nation Center Inc
158 E 32nd St, Brooklyn

Mission Outreach For Jesus The Anointed One Church Inc
1310 Nostrand Ave Apt B5, Brooklyn

Good Shepherd Baptist Church Of Peniel Inc
1803 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Outreach Church New Beginning Ministries International Inc
324 E 32nd St, Brooklyn

Church Of God Of Salvation
1615 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

New Creation Church Of God Seventh Day
1280 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Little Flock Of Jesus Christ Inc
1513 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Mount Olive Spiritual Faith Church Inc
1089 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Igl Pentecostal Ad Ira Juan 4 7
50 E 18th St Brooklyn, Brooklyn

Restoration Seventh Day Adventist Church Ministries
Po Box 260303, Brooklyn

Deeper Life World Outreach Ministries Inc
837 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Christian Universal Witness Corp
Po Box 260317, Brooklyn

Eglise Baptiste D Israel Inc
197 E 32nd St, Brooklyn

United Church Of Faith
2141 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn

Yeshiuah & Kahal Gemilas Chesid Sasregen
140 Martense St, Brooklyn

Pierre Metellus Faith Evangelistic Ministries Fem
Po Box 260596, Brooklyn

Immanuel Ministries Incorporated
77 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn

Christian Church Monte Sinai Inc
1010 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn

Christ Christian Temple
747 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Rescue The Perishing Deliverance Ministries International
1264 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Comunidad Evangelica El Kairo
1715 Caton Ave Apt 3d, Brooklyn

Centers For Spiritual Living
930 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn

Free Haitian Methodist Church Inc
1250 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

New Temple Mt Zion Christ Church Inc
1585 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Progressive Temple Beth Ahavath Sholom
83 Marlborough Rd, Brooklyn

Ministerio Internacional Hermandad Cristiana Inc
1173 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Center Of Evangelism For All Nations
2156 Tilden Ave, Brooklyn

Gate Of Heaven Ministry Inc
1175 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Azar International Ministries
140 Clarkson Ave Apt 4e, Brooklyn

Running For Christ Ministries Inc
530 E 22nd Street, Brooklyn

Brigade Army Of The Lord Ministry
1705 Church Ave Ste 203, Brooklyn

International Evangelism Crusades Inc
3024 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn

St Gregory The Great Catholic Academy
2520 Church Ave, Brooklyn

Kingdom Empowerment Inc
499 Ocean Ave Apt 1f, Brooklyn

Eglise Baptiste Nouvelle Naissance Inc
2164 Tilden Avenue, Brooklyn

Gates Of Heaven Theological Institute Inc
1175 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Church Of Christ Of Brooklyn Inc
1236 Rogers Ave Apt 3r, Brooklyn

Ministry Of Christ Church Inc
1815 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

St Michael Fountain Of Grace Sb Church
637 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Rhema Church Of God Inc
2403 Albemarle Rd, Brooklyn

Eglise De Dieu Prince De La Paix
1151 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Word Doers Signs And Wonders Ministries Inc
27 E 32nd St, Brooklyn

God With Us Ministries
65 Lenox Rd Apt 1g, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Cathedral Of Praise Inc
2209 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn

Evangelistic Outreach Ministry Inc
158 E 32nd St, Brooklyn

2618 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn

Salvation Church Of God Inc
1023 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn