11354 is located in Queens and includes College Point, Flushing & Murray Hill.

This neighborhood is a mix of residential and other uses.
Student achievement in public schools in this neighborhood is rated above average.
This neighborhood had less crime than average per preson.

EHV Payment Amount

EHVs can cover different amounts of rent depending on the zip code where a home is located and the size of the home, and they can provide extra help in some neighborhoods where housing is more expensive. You may hear the term “payment standard,” which means the maximum amount of rent an EHV can cover.

If you are searching in zip code 11354, EHVs may help pay the following amounts for SROs, Studios, and 1-4 bedroom apartments:

SRO: $1864
Studio: $2486
1-BR: $2541
2-BR: $2871
3-BR: $3608
4-BR: $3883

For more information about payment amounts across the city, please visit: https://nyc.gov/hpd-payment-standards.


11354 is served by the following transit options:

Subways: 7
Bus lines: Q12, Q13, Q15, Q15A, Q16, Q17, Q19, Q20A, Q20B, Q25, Q26, Q27, Q28, Q34, Q44-SBS, Q48, Q50, Q65, Q66
Express bus lines: QM2, QM3, QM20, QM32
Citibike: No

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Food Access

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11354 has an average number of places to buy food.

Food shops: 70
Year-round farmers markets: 0
Seasonal farmers markets: 0
Soup kitchens: 0
Food pantries: 2


Neighborhood safety is difficult to measure and summarize, but when looking at the number of certain felony crimes that occurred in this area between 2014 and 2018, 11354 had less crime than average per person compared to other neighborhoods.

For more information on which crimes were analyzed and how they were adjusted for the number of people who live in each zip code, see the technical notes.

Healthcare Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11354 has an average number of healthcare facilities.

Hospitals and clinics: 6
Mental health: 0
Chemical dependency: 0
Health promotion and disease prevention: 3
Residential healthcare: 8
Other healthcare: 3

Social Services

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11354 has an average number of social services.

Senior services: 2
Immigrant services: 3
Services for people with disabilities: 1
Community centers and community school programs: 3
Non-resident housing and homeless services: 0
Legal and intervention services: 1
Financial and social services: 0
Workforce development: 1

Childcare Facilities

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11354 has an average number of childcare facilities.

After school programs: 6
Day care facilities: 7
DOE universal pre-K facilities: 16
Preschools for students with disabilities: 1

Public Schools

Each school year the New York City Department of Education (DOE) surveys students, parents, and teachers. This information is used to measure five dimensions of school quality for each school. The New York City public schools located in 11354 were rated:

Rigorous instruction: Average
Collaborative teachers: Average
Supportive environment: Average
Effective school leadership: Below average
Trust: Average

Student achievement is rated above average.

For more detailed information on a specific school, please visit: https://tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot/2019/
To look up zoned schools at a given address, please visit: https://schoolsearch.schools.nyc/


Of the people who live in 11354:

16% are children
21% are seniors

Of the people in 11354:

64% identify as Asian
3% identify as Black
15% identify as Hispanic/Latinx
16% identify as White

Types of Housing & Buildings

Buildings in 11354 are a mix of residential and other uses. The most common type of properties in 11354 are buildings other than housing (offices, stores, warehouses, etc.). The most common type of housing is one and two family buildings.

Street Life

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Open Space and Parks

Compared to other neighborhoods, 11354 has an average amount of open space and parks.

Parks, playgrounds & natural areas: 6
Gardens: 0
Playfields: 1
Triangles & plazas: 4

Note: Some zip codes are close to but do not include very large parks like Central Park, Prospect Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and others. In these cases, residents still have nearby access to high-quality open space, but this access is not reflected in the numbers above. You may want to explore on a map to see if any large parks are nearby.

Religious Facilities

11354 includes the following religious facilities:

Beit Hamiqra Mission
15402 41st Ave, Flushing

Han Bit Presbyterian Church Of N Y Inc
15126 34th Ave, Flushing

Brighten Presbyterian Church Of New York
13626 37th Ave Ste 500, Flushing

Full Gospel Businessmens Fellowship International
13620 38th Ave Ste 3e, Flushing

Grace Christian Church In Flushing
14906 33rd Ave, Flushing

St Georges Church
13532 38th Ave, Flushing

Temple Gates Of Prayer
3820 Parsons Blvd, Flushing

Bowne Street Community Church
14311 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing

Korean Philippo Presbyterian Church
15402 35th Ave, Flushing

New York Pure Presbyterian Church
14208 32nd Ave, Flushing

First Korean Church Of New York
3514 Parsons Blvd, Flushing

New Hope Korean Church Of New York
14801 34th Ave, Flushing

Gospel Church
14503 33rd Ave, Flushing

Flushing Monthly Meeting Religious Soc Of Friends
13716 Northern Blvd, Flushing

Queens Christian Alliance Church Of Christian And Missionary Alliance
13520 35th Ave, Flushing

The Assembly Of God New York Church Inc
35-22 Linden Pl 2fl, Flushing

Covenant Church Of New York
14133 33rd Ave, Flushing

Tyrannus Presbyterian Church C/O Mihe Kim
148 21 29th Ave 39c, Flushing

Crystal Evangelical Church Of New York
2567 College Point Blvd, Flushing

Korean Faithful Presbyterian Church Of New York
3118 Union St, Flushing

Pu Tuo Guan-Yin Temple Inc
14456 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing

True Buddha Diamond Temple Of New York Inc
3332 148th St, Flushing

Power Christian Center
13525 Northern Blvd, Flushing

Korean Methodist New York Sung Moon Church
36-24 Union St 2nd Fl, Flushing

Cheong Am Methodist Church
14828 Bayside Ave, Flushing

Elim Full Gospel Church Of N Y
133 16 39th Ave Apt 2f, Flushing

San Sung Korean Methodist Church Of New York
143-02 38th Ave 2fl, Flushing

Whitestone Korean Presbyterian Church Of Ny
15220 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing

New Sprout Presbyterian Church Of N Y
4015 149th St, Flushing

United Presbyterian & Reformed Adult Ministries Inc
38 20 Bowne St, Flushing

Luke World Mission
130 30 31st Ave 4th Flr, Whitestone

Agape Korean Church Of New York Inc
36-41 Union St, Flushing

Seoul Presbyterian Church Of New York
13627 35th Ave, Flushing

Han Ma Um Zen Center Of New York Inc
14439 32nd Ave, Flushing

Founting Of Living Water Christian Church
147-25 Northern Blvd, Flushing

Kung Mern Sern Tao Chang-Tao Association Inc
14422 Bayside Ave, Flushing

New York Christian Short-Term Mission Training Centre Inc
140-44 34th Ave Units Ca And Cb, Flushing

Korean Mok Won Presbyterian Church
13532 Northern Blvd, Flushing

Queen Myung Sung Presbyterian Church
13627 35th Ave, Flushing

St Lukes Church Of New York Inc
33 70 Prince St, Flushing

New York-Grain
134-21 Anthem 2nd Flr, Flushing

International Pureland Association Of Usa Inc
3636 Main St Ste 2c, Flushing

All Nations Disciple Church Of New York
14148 33rd Ave, Flushing

New York Se Kwang Presbyterian Church Inc
3507 147th St Apt 1b, Flushing

Assembly Of God New York Jesus Grace Church
146-16 Bayside Ave, Flushing

Queens Sung Shin
35-14 150pl, Flushing

New Life Christian Church
131 02 40 Rd, Flushing

Sung-Wha Presbyterian Church Of New York
14506 Bayside Ave, Flushing

The First Presbyterian Church Of Queens Inc
35-40 Union St 2 Floor, Flushing

Assemblies Of God Chodae Church Of New York
3901 Main St Ste 402, Flushing

New Heavens Church Of New York
3370 Prince St Ste 806, Flushing

The Seokwang Korean Presbyterian Church Of Goshen And Nyskc Mission
3901 Main St Ste 607, Flushing

Temple Of Modern Buddhism Inc
3116 Union St, Flushing

Miju Sung San Church Of N Y Inc
4020 149th Pl, Flushing

Lambs Gate New York Church Inc
3238 148th St, Flushing

Sharing Presbyterian Church Of New York Inc
35-24 Union Street 1-C, Flushing

Abundant Presbyterian Church Of New York
14801 34th Ave, Flushing

Sharing Presbyterian Church
35-14 Farrington St 2nd Fl, Flushing

Chamjohoon Presbyterian Church Of New York
3901 Main St Ste 402, Flushing

Yae Dam Presbyterian Church Of New York
40-27 155th Street 3fl, Flushing

Amen Church Of New York
3901 Main St Ste 607, Flushing

Victory Church Of New York
3218 137th St, Flushing

New Life Chinese Christian Church
3122 Union St, Flushing

Kong Mirn Sirn Tau Yen Inc
147-18 Roosevelt Ave 2fl, Flushing

Agape Evangelical Church
3337 146th St, Flushing

New York Beautiful Presbyterian Church
144 17 38th Ave 2fl, Flushing

Yeshua Mission Church Inc
3640 Bowne St Apt 2h, Flushing

Grace Church
13030 31st Ave 4th Flr, Flushing

China Buddhist Association
13612 39th Ave, Flushing

Northern Westchester Korean Church Inc
14423 34th Ave, Flushing

Korean Christian Broadcasting Network Inc
13030 31st Ave 8th Floor, Flushing

Performing Artists Gospel Fellowship Of New York Inc
3526 Union St Bsmt, Flushing

Korean Baptist Church Of Albany Inc
34-40 Union St 2flr, Flushing

New Life Presbyterian Church Inc
35-40 Union St 2nd Flr, Flushing

U S Zion Church
154-05 Northern Blvd 3rd Flr, Flushing

Nain Town Church
136-26 37th Ave, Flushing

Yong Cheon Buddist Temple Inc
3514 155th St, Flushing

Love Mission Church Of New York
15 149th St, Ushing

Korean Chinese Mission Church
4015 149th St, Flushing

New York Kwangmyung Presbyterian Church
3638 Union St Ste 3, Flushing

Queens Pentecostal Holiness Church
149-15 Northern Blvd, Flushing

Yul Mae Presbyterian Church
14453 37 Ave 3 Fl, Flushing

New York Joseph Church
35-35 149th St, Flushing

Love Nest Church Of New York
2908 139th St Apt 1d, Flushing

Original Buddhism Society Inc
3020 Parsons Blvd, Flushing

Yeshua Church Alliance Inc
3640 Bowne St Apt 2h, Flushing

International Buddhism Associationinc
32-26 Union Street, Flushing

Woori Presbyterian Church Of Newyork
35-11 Linden Pl, Flushing

Danag Foundation Corp
135-38 39th Ave 3rd Fl, Flushing

The Salt Church Of New York Inc
14427 35th Ave Apt 3f, Flushing

White Stone Korean Methodist Church Inc
3717 Union St Fl 3, Flushing

Grace & Peace Presbyterian Church
142005 Roosevelt Ave 422, Flushing

United Presbyterian & Reformed Adult Ministries
38-20 Browne St, Flushing

Faith Bible Church Of New Hyde Park
133-12 39th Ave 1st Fl, Flushing

New York Yeram Church
2533 154th St, Flushing

Saebit New York Church
36-28 A Union St, Flushing

Golden Eaves
15201 33rd Ave, Flushing

Future Vision Presbyterian Church
35-02 150th Pl 3 Flr, Flushing

Bethel Baptist Church Of New York
143-02 38th Ave 2 Flr, Flushing

Iglesia Cristiana Nacion Santa
13627 35th Ave, Flushing

Inter-Bethesda Mission
14205 Roosevelt Ave Ste 109, Flushing

Adullam Presbyterian Church
35-22 150th Pl Basement, Flushing

Pros-Biblical Language Church
35-20 Union St First Fl, Flushing

Ha Ye Sung Church Of Ny
2533 154th St, Flushing

Ends Of The Earth Mission Inc
15130 34th Ave, Flushing

Spring House Of Prayers Inc
3415 Parsons Blvd Apt 7h, Flushing

Giving Church Of New York
14515 Bayside Ave, Flushing

Grace Community Alliance Church Inc
14801 34th Ave, Flushing

Bud Zen Center
3503 156th St, Flushing

Prince Temple Associate
135-28 40th Rd, Flushing

Poor In Spirit Presbyterian Church Of New York
35-07 140th Street, Flushing

New Life Ministry In New York
3425 150th Pl Apt 2h, Flushing

Chinese Buddhism And Life Care Association Inc
13640 39th Ave Ste 508, Flushing

Pentecostal Church Of God Intl Movement Rose Of Sharon
3520 Union St, Flushing

Gma America Inc
3430 150th Pl, Flushing

Dharma World Inc
14503 Bayside Ave, Flushing

Kingdom Alive
15044 34th Ave, Flushing

Assembly Of God Good Seed Church
3518 Linden Pl, Flushing

Calvary Baptist Church
35-02 150th Pl Fl 3, Flushing

Yesung Church Of New York
143-02 38th Ave 2flr, Flushing

Tien Ran Buddha Church
13620 38th Ave Ste 9b, Flushing

Yejeong Church
12909 26th Ave Ste 204, Flushing

Dreaming Church Of New York
143-02 38th Ave 2nd Fl, Flushing

Great Prajna Temple
3530 Union St Ste 2, Flushing

New York Joyful Church
15123 34th Ave, Flushing

Flushing Union Bible Church
142-28 37th Ave Basement, Flushing

Triumph Christian Church Inc
138-10 35th Avenue, Flushing

Ny Thanksgiving Church
35-18 Linden Place 3rd Flr, Flushing

Vimutti Rasa Vipassana Association
3232 150th Pl, Flushing

Gondesan Great Merciful Water Usa Association Ltd
3338 Farrington St Apt 3a, Flushing

Sunghwa Korean Methodist Church Of New York
3324 Parsons Blvd Apt 4v, Flushing

Rich Spring Christian Church
15130 34th Ave, Flushing

Queens Flushing Gospel Chinese Church Of The Nazarene
3301 Union St, Flushing

Knowing God Ministries Inc
3808 Union St Ste 12e, Flushing

Queens Hope Ph Church
15123 34th Ave, Flushing

Khawalung Foundation Usa
36-09 Main St Ste 10b 3, Flushing

Stream Of Water Presbyterian Church Inc
35-26 Union Street B, Flushing

The Humble Baptist Church Of New York
34-36 Union Street, Flushing

Qft Worship Center Corp
3915 Main St Ste 307, Flushing

Bliss And Wisdom Foundation Of North America-New York
2510 Ulmer St, Flushing

Church Of New Hymn
3317 Prince Street, Flushing

Jinyin Temple Of Sino Esoteric Buddhism
3337 Farrington St, Flushing

Iglesia De Dios Ministerial De Jesucristo International Inc
3515 Farrington St, Flushing

Jubilee Communtiy Church
13423 Northern Blvd, Flushing