Housing Navigator Instructions

The Neighborhood Explorer helps EHV Housing Navigators and clients learn about neighborhoods throughout New York City and decide where to focus the housing search. On this site, you will find information about each zip code that can help you match a client’s preferences and priorities with neighborhoods that might be a good fit for them.  

In questionnaires 3 & 4 in the EHV Tracker,  clients answered some questions about what they want out of a neighborhood. This tool can help you and your client explore neighborhoods they might be interested in, and compare neighborhood characteristics to find the right neighborhood for them. 

Here are some ways to use the Neighborhood Explorer and other tools to find good matches for a client: 

  1. Review client’s responses to the Housing Search Needs and Preferences questionnaires in the EHV Tracker to find out which characteristics are most important to them and which borough(s) they prefer to search in. 
  1. Explore the map below with your client. You can search by address or neighborhood name, or click and drag to move the map and see different zip codes. 
  1. Click on individual zip codes to see a full profile of each neighborhood with more details. You can walk the client through this information, and they can use these summaries as reference for their housing search. 
  1. Look at the payment standards available in each neighborhood. Payment standards are the maximum subsidy that a voucher can pay for, and EHVs allow for higher subsidies in some more expensive neighborhoods. Clients may be interested in neighborhoods that they thought were unaffordable with a voucher, but EHVs give them access all over the city. 
  1. Use Google Maps Street View to “look around” a neighborhood with a client. This can give you both an idea of what the neighborhood looks like, what types of housing are there, and what the street life is like. 
  1. Search HOME for units available in the neighborhood(s) your client is interested in.